Define Female. Define Breast.


OC April 2016 blog Ocean City, Maryland, April 2016. Maryland legal language is clear. Nothing defines the female breast differently than the male breast, but so far I have not received my normal assurances of legality from any Maryland police agency. Ocean City Police and Ocean City Beach Patrol officers did last year agree with me that the legal language does not forbid female bare-chestedness, but the police stopped short of giving me a written statement of agreement. I’m working on it. Nevertheless, I have spent many afternoons on Maryland beaches without negative interaction. This week for example I spent two quiet hours of a warm evening reading near the tideline. Any earnest conversation of topfreedom and female bare-chestedness will eventually turn to how we define femaleness and femininity. Women should be modest, so say some…and going bare-chested is not ladylike. Immodesty is fundamentally, to some, a crime.

One of the more absurd aspects…

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